Saturday, February 23, 2013

January of Traveling, Pt. 3 (and THE CONCLUSION): Utah

We only had a short time in Utah, and we were really there for a wedding, so in between wedding-related activities, we also had a great time eating snow, visiting a couple of close family and friends, going to a super-amazing wedding luncheon, playing new games, eating good food, breathing the inversion, and freezing our butts off. 

First, what we were there for:

Congrats to Whittney and Jon! Jon (my Jon) had an awesome group of friends when he was at the U, and it's fun that spouses get to be grandfathered in :) It's been really fun to get to know them better. We also had a wild and crazy game night with them that included an obscure, awesome game called Betrayal on the House on the Hill (wherein Jon and I were "an evil little girl"). It was every bit as amazing as it sounds.

As for the rest of the trip:

me, eating my daily bowl of snow:

A quick stop by Kristine's to see her and her week-old baby! It was also fun to see her gorgeous new house. Kristine makes everywhere she lives look really striking. I love seeing what she does with every new place.

Getting pupusas with Gracie! She had never had them before - I learned about them from my BYU roommates who all served their missions in El Salvador, and then another of my returned sister missionary friends showed us how inexpensive they are when you go out to eat them! I only eat the cheese ones, partly because I don't like beans and partly because I like saying 'oaxaca.'

 The gutted Provo Tabernacle, where we used to have stake conference when I was at BYU. There was a massive fire that destroyed it, and they are rebuilding it into a temple, which I can't wait to visit.

Christy and Steve! Christy is the oldest friend I have, in terms of how many years we've been friends. She invited me to her fifth birthday party and the rest is history. Jon did some shopping and Steve wasn't home yet for most of our visit, so Christy and I just got to catch up. Also, massages! She is a fantastic mom, she inspired a large chunk of my decorating style, and she is due with her third baby in just a few weeks.

When you go to Utah, you get some fry sauce. It's the only choice.

We also hung out with my family a lot, but I am embarrassed because I can't find any of the pictures we took on the night all of the Utah-living siblings got together with us, so we don't have pictures of everyone, even though I REMEMBER taking them or farming them out to my siblings to take. To sum up, we played games and ate snow and pizza and had family dinner (of some freakishly amazing spaghetti in parmesan cheese bowls that I am also sad I can't find pictures of) and spent an inordinately long time looking at cruise pictures and explaining what was in them. (Sort of like the inordinately huge blogspace of the same!) I got to go to Kelli and Michael's wards and Alison's work (she's a Spanish teacher) and talk to Rachel via webcam, along with my parents. We also did a big reveal of a thing we are doing for my parents' 30th wedding anniversary, which is coming up (which, due to potential stalkers and axe murderers, I may talk about after the fact but probably not before). Go Mom and Dad!

In all, as usual, we were sad not to have more time to spend with everyone, but we enjoyed what we did. It was a fun trip :)


  1. Pupusas! I'm glad we could introduce such a delicious food to you! YUM!

    1. Every time the subject of pupusas comes up, I tell people about your all-out giant-griddle-renting so as to be authentic for Julie's birthday. They are always very impressed.

  2. Ooo, you should come over and play Betrayal with us, like, tonight or something.

    1. I actually thought SPECIFICALLY of you when we learned this game. I think you guys would love it. If we buy the game, you'll be first on our list to play it with.

    2. UNLESS you're trying to tell me you already own it.