Monday, September 15, 2014


So, we had a baby! His name is Alexander Kendall. In the last couple of days, he started smiling in response to stimuli, which is OHMYGOSH so great.

Also, no, this isn't the birth story, but yes, I do plan to post it. Jon and my mom and I sat around doing an audio recording of what happened, in several sessions (which added up to 4.5 hours) - I will spare you the 4.5 hours' worth, but it will still probably be fairly detailed and possibly take more than one post. My favorite part is that I started voice recording from my hospital bed, dilated to something like a 6. I thought I sounded totally normal but now I listen to it and it's pretty great. Of the 4.5 hours, so far, I've transcribed nearly 40 minutes!! So proud. Anyway, that's coming.

In the meantime, though, check this out! Our friend Rachel Speirs did these completely gorgeous photos of baby Alex.

She came to our apartment and basically just chilled with us while she took picures. If he needed to nurse, I nursed him; if he needed a nap, he got one; if he needed a new diaper, we were all over it. It was the most relaxing, idyllic afternoon. Don't worry, I am completely good at putting you in touch with her if you want to copy us. In the meantime, here are some of our favorites! (There are lots, but I decided not to post the ENTIRE session for the blogpost.)


I love how this one looks like Jon is reassuring Alex, who is listening intently.







My side of the family is Dutch, and we have these cool shoes.

My friend Tamsen made this for Alex! She makes
other ones too, and they are awesome.