Monday, June 16, 2014

long time no post_2: less big updates, but no less IMPORTANT

These are not as life-changing (as far as we know), but they are updates nonetheless.

  • We participated in a ward Iron Chef activity (the ingredient was ginger, and we made a pear ginger upside-down cake. It was good, but one thing we learned was that neither of us really likes ginger that much.) We're hosting the next one, so we got to choose the next ingredient: balsamic vinegar. FYI: a little strawberry balsamic vinegar is an AWESOME addition to strawberry smoothies.
  • Jon and two of my BYU roommates from the Bay Area threw me a surprise birthday party. I was completely surprised and we had a great time hanging out, swimming, grilling, and getting quizzed on all things Joss Whedon. (I wasn't allowed to participate in Name That Tune. Too bad, I so would have won.) Also, my face was photoshopped into many Whedon production posters, which was hilarious.

  • I started my first quilt. It's made out of fabric samples from a fabric sample sale. Hopefully it will be awesome. I don't love quilts, on the whole, but the fabric is pretty and it's not a big quilt, so hey! Three of my favorite things: easy, pretty, and custom.

  • I showed Jon "Who Framed Roger Rabbit." He had never seen the whole thing all the way through. That is a classic.
  • I read a lot of Wheel of Time and some other stuff too. I started Carrie Fisher's autobiography and "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks."
  • Our new complex has a pool, which I can't use by myself because POOL SAFETY, but I do sit out and read sometimes.
  • I took a prenatal yoga class. Turns out I can move in ways I thought were over for me for awhile yet, but only if I work up to them. Also, WHAT is the point of pinching one side of your nose shut while you breathe, and then switching it up a bunch? The only thing that does is make me have to blow my nose. I usually fake it and breathe through my mouth during that part.
  • We have a meyer lemon tree at this place. That juice makes really good lemonade and also is really rich. I was unaware.
  • I got an old sewing machine from my grandma. She hasn't used it much and definitely not for a long time, so it needs to be oiled and cleaned. YouTube and I are going to try it on our own, since it's kind of expensive to get it done. If I give up, I'll take it somewhere, but so far I'm optimistic.
  • Did you know you can make sauces out of mascarpone?
  • We had some people over to play Betrayal at House on the Hill, a game we learned about from one of Jon's friends. It was fun but the more boring part of the game took FOREVER and the more fun part was a snap. Maybe next time it will work out the other way.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

long time no post_1: life updates

Heyyyyy. We have been totally neglectful of this blog for the last little while. Sorry, no reason. We just were.

We've done some fun stuff, though:

  • We had an impromptu weekend in Vegas, sort of by accident. (I've got a whole post partially done on that, so no details now.)
  • We moved (yes, again.) We are living in a big ward in Mountain View, CA, now. We found an apartment managing gig that was too great to pass up - free rent in one of the most expensive areas in the country, only a short commute for Jon? Yes please. We have a fair amount of turnover in our complex, which does make for some work, but our residents are great for the most part. It's a pretty tiny apartment compared to what we're used to, but the space is very usable and we're making it work. Our new ward is gigantic and full of people in our same demographic. We're enjoying getting to know people, though it goes a little more slowly when there are different people at every activity. Edit 6/8/14 - I started this post a few days ago, and since we moved in we have often said we wouldn't be surprised if they split the ward sometime soon, since it seems sort of full-to-bursting. Sure enough, today in Sacrament Meeting they announced that the stake is going to rearrange ward boundaries, adding a ward. Apparently, the last reorganization they had was when they consolidated the wards - in 1992. Wow. Also, check out the view from our front porch! It's a pretty complex.

  • Jon took a welding class. He made us a coat rack out of a long chain and some tow hooks. It is awesome. Now we have our twin "big projects" in our apartment - the bookshelf I made and the coat rack he made. Someday we will live in a warehouse and make more stuff. Yay!

  • We went to Hawaii for a babymoon. We loved snorkeling with sea turtles, visiting the Blowhole, and driving the Road to Hana, and we think we have figured out a pretty great copycat recipe for the awesome fish tacos at a restaurant in Kihei called Coconuts. Yum. It's not exact but it's still super tasty. Perhaps we will post some pictures someday. Perhaps we will not get around to it. OK, fine, here are a few just in case we never post more.





  • We took maternity pictures. Our photographer is totally neglecting her editing duties by taking exciting mountain climbing vacations in Thailand and moving away from California (the nerve! :) ), so we will post a few when we have them. It was fun.
  • I cut my hair some. It's not drastic but it was a fun change. I was trying to grow my hair out and I finally realized that my hair grows only so long and then it just stops. so I decided to embrace it. My hair in the Hawaii pictures is the new, shorter length.
OK, that's enough for now. Happy Sabbath!