Monday, February 4, 2013

January of Traveling, Pt. 2: Cruising (St. Thomas/U.S. Virgin Islands)


Today was Sunday, so we didn’t do much. Jonny found the meetinghouse on the island, and we were thinking about attending the ward there – which would have been really cool – but it was kind of far away from everything (and therefore expensive), and it was early, and we weren’t sure if our taxi driver would wait for us to take us back to the ship (so we weren’t sure how we would get back). We mostly decided that there was too much uncertainty associated with it, so we would have our own church. Plus, then we slept way in. We got up about 10am, and we each prepared a “talk” and delivered it to each other for our church.

After, we went into town for a little bit just to walk around. We took a taxi into the town. We found a war memorial. We walked through a bunch of tables with people selling things. We walked through the neighborhoods. We passed one house with a loud Sunday sermon, which was awesome but my video didn’t turn out very well. We saw yelling and playing kids and just heard a lot of people noises. That was fun. There were roosters everywhere too. Here is a lady singing, but I'm filming the tree so as not to be staring at her:

We took a taxi back to the port – they were just flatbed trucks where people converted the bed to bench seats and put a top on it. There were iguanas right outside the ship, that was cool.

Mostly, we read a lot today. Although, we did take the opportunity to walk around the ship and take some videos of things we wanted to remember. Among these is the coolest thing ever, where the swimming pools slosh around because of the movement of the boat.

And this one becomes a wave pool (it is best at the end):

And my favorite dessert on the ship, a white chocolate/milk chocolate mousse:

One awesome thing: the cruiseliner provided damp washrags toward the end of the day at each port, before you got back on the ship, so you could get the salt off your hands and face. This is so brilliant:

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