Tuesday, February 5, 2013

January of Traveling, Pt 2: Cruising (Last Sea Day)


Today was just a sailing day. It was actually pretty busy, and a fun day. We got up and went to breakfast first thing. Then we went to a “culinary demonstration” – it was held in a big theater, and there was a kitchen set up on stage where the head chef taught everyone how to make three different things they serve on the ship – a basil pesto fettucini thing, a sea scallops thing, and tiramisu.

We left during the tiramisu and went to get a little treat (the tiny pastries at the International CafĂ© – we got a lemon merengue and a white chocolate cheesecake) and then stop by a big sale they were having in one of the dining rooms. It was weird – it turned out to be all excess stuff from previous cruises, plus some clothes and damaged items. After that, we went on a tour of one of the nine ship kitchens. They had some of the fruit sculptures out. and Jon went to an ice sculpture demonstration:

Mangos, maybe?

We checked in on a ballroom class being taught, but they were doing triple swing, which I don’t really like. So we skipped it and put on our swimsuits to go swimming instead. We got burgers at the little burger stand at the pool, before swimming, but while we were eating it suddenly started raining. We went back to the room and read for about 45 minutes and then headed back out, and it was sunny again.

I got in the very cold but fun pool … the big swimming pools on board slosh back and forth pretty heavily when we’re sailing, and I wanted to see what it was like to be in it while that was going on. It was less dramatic-feeling than I hoped, but still kind of awesome. We also saw an older cruise patron dancing it out mostly by himself (and then with his wife) for the entirety of one song by the tropical band. Which was hilarious and provided here for your enjoyment:

Then Jon and I hung out in the hot tub, he got a free piece of pizza and I got a free ice cream cone, and we headed back to the room to change and shower and get ready for dinner. (It was Formal Night #2 tonight.)

We said we wanted to be seated with other people, and ended up at a table with two couples where we had some things in common, so that was fun. The big meals tonight were lobster tails (which I had) and beef wellington (which Jon had). (And one lady at our table ordered both. haha.) After dinner, we stopped by the Crooner’s Bar, where a piano guy named Kory was playing Broadway songs and having people sing along. When he got to the songs from “Oklahoma!” he asked if anyone in the room was from Oklahoma, and I cheered and was the only one. and he said he had never had anyone actually from Oklahoma during those songs before. It was funny because these songs were kind of pervasive in my middle and high school years, and sometimes I realize that not everyone used these songs every year at camp and in school and in pretty much all over the place. but most people seem to know them, anyway ... I cannot tell you the number of times at BYU that I got serenaded whenever people asked me my home state ...

Later, he stopped doing Broadway singalong and started doing requests, so I said, “As long as we’re doing Oklahoma, do you know ‘Friends in Low Places?’” (Garth Brooks lives in my stake at home. It's sort of a thing.) He did and played it, and then proceeded to play a ton of songs from the 40's, 50's, and 60's, that were maybe more suited to the audience. I didn't know as many of those, and we left after awhile. but I had a great time. Jon was patient and stayed a lot longer than he probably would have liked, and I thank him for that :)

Yes, he was talking to me.

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