Sunday, January 27, 2013

The January of Traveling .. Pt 1: Florida

Soooo ... our awkwardly scheduled holiday plans!

We have been wanting to go on a longish, relaxing vacation for awhile now, so we have been researching cruises. We thought we'd go on a cruise for Christmas, but as we were researching (let's be honest - as Jon was researching), we realized that cruises are, like, half the price if you wait until after New Year's. So, we decided to go ahead and book for January. (Hence the need for a short, local-ish trip for Christmas Day.)

We went to visit Jon's sister and her family in Florida for a few days before the trip. It was relaxing and awesome. We went to Downtown Disney for some excellent fried chicken ...

painted nails ...


played like dogs ...

used sign language (seriously, Jessica was a master. I've never seen that kind of focus in a kid her age - she LOVED signing and we spent hours on it while we were there. She learned probably 20 new signs by the time we left) ...

and learned cookie decorating from a master.

Chandler got his very own decorated hammer cookie that looked like a hammer. "Mom! It looks just like a real hammer! Thank you so much!!!" If all of parenting sounded like that kid's reaction to that hammer cookie, I would have fifty kids.

Oh! We also went to the church for a little basketball, and Michael made sure we had spectacular Florida cuisine for nearly every meal. While there, we had great bbq ribs, sausage and chicken fried steak biscuit sandwiches, that fried chicken, and home-grilled wings. Laura also made hot ham and cheese sandwiches, which was sort of astonishing because it was almost exactly the same recipe that my family uses for lunch on Christmas Day, and I have never seen it anywhere else. Laura and Michael were great hosts and it was a fun visit!

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  1. Your post makes me hungry... fried chicken and cookies... and cute kids on top of that!