Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The day after Christmas

This was California Adventure day. This park ended up being more fun (IMO anyway) because it was all totally new to me (whereas I had done many of the rides at Disneyland before). We went as soon as the park opened so we could get Fast Passes to the new Cars ride, which we heard are so popular that you can't get one at all after like 10am, and we didn't want to have to wait in a two-hour line. We got in a line and got a mid-morning time, and then went to ride some other rides. Throughout the day, the lines were nowhere nearly as bad as Disneyland. There were a lot more Pixar rides and other, newer attractions, which made it fun. The Cars ride was pretty fun, although we aren't sure it would have been worth a long wait. You get to see scenes from different places in Radiator Springs and also race another car on a fast-but-not-steep rollercoaster-y section. It was fun for us, but we decided if you were six years old and obsessed with Cars, you would be over the moon.

We really liked Soarin' over California, I loved the Little Mermaid ride because I have always loved "The Little Mermaid," we liked Cars Land and the Imagineering museum associated with it, and above all, WE LOVED THE "WORLD OF COLOR" SHOW. Seriously, I am a little obsessed with it. It's a "hydrotechnic" show (colors and videos projected onto spraying water). Here are pictures, and then do yourself a favor and watch the video. It doesn't quite do it justice, but it's still pretty good. (Disclaimer: I was watching the show, not the camera screen, so it's a shaky beginning.) My favorite part is the Pirates of the Caribbean section. You can go here to find out more about the show.

Aaaand, the World of Color! My favorite part (the Pirates section) is from about 9:15 to the end of the video, so if you just want to watch that part, that's okay I guess. Oh, and the "Brave" section starts at 2:15, which was also cool:

At the end of everything, we did do one other fun thing - the Mad T-Party. It was basically a crazy fluorescent world with super loud music, based on Alice in Wonderland. We took fun pictures there.

Second-to-last, we went on the Monster's Inc. ride, which was strange because at the very end the animatronic secretary lady talks to you, and it seemed tailored but I couldn't tell. She had crazy cat-eye glasses, and we were the only ones in the car because the park was about to close, and she said, "Hey, lady in the front row! Cool glasses, wanna trade?" And since I recognize that I have fairly distinctive glasses, I was totally thrown off. and then after a minute she said, "Well? I can't wait all day!" and we just jumped out of our car and left. haha.

After that, we ran over to the Radiator Springs Racers ride (the main Cars ride) to see if there was a bad wait, and there wasn't, so we jumped in the regular line. They cut off the line when the park closed, so there were only maybe fifty people behind us. Our turn came probably fifteen minutes after the park had closed, which was really fun, and then we left.

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  1. I love Soarin' Over California!! Did you smell the orange groves? That's my favorite part. :)