Friday, November 9, 2012

the compound to-do list item

Sometimes there is SO MUCH TO DO. I've discovered one of my less favorite things is the Compound To-Do List Item. This is that thing that's on your to-do list, but once you start working on it you realize there are actually like four things that you have to do in preparation to do that thing, before you can do it and get it checked off. (This is the worst when it's something dinky like "Email So-and-So.")

Or, you know that going in, so it makes you just avoid that one altogether. So then it looks dumb that you have everything checked off except "Email So-and-So." Like, you didn't have time to send an email?

Or, that thing means "actually, do twelve things," like how "clean the kitchen" might be better written as "cut up vegetables so there is more room in the fridge; organize the shelves in the fridge where the vegetables used to be; wipe down the stove; clean the counters; do the dishes (empty the dishwasher, refill the dishwasher, soak the dishes there weren't room for in the sink earlier); sweep the kitchen; clean off the kitchen table; go through that one box; etc."

Yeah, that's all.

Oh, except to say that Jon did the laundry and cleaned most of the kitchen tonight (see: list). That was awesome.

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