Sunday, November 4, 2012

Abe and Ariel (or Who Says Halloween is Just for Kids?)

We just finished up the Halloween festivities for this year.  First up was the ward trunk or treat the Saturday before Halloween.  We don't have kids, but we still participated.  For those of you who don't know what a Trunk or Treat is, basically a group of people (in this case our church congregation), get together in a parking lot somewhere.  Rather than having kids go from house to house Trick or Treating, they go from car to car Trunk or Treating.  People decorate their cars, dress up and hand out candy.  We were going to decorate Brooke's car as a pumpkin (since it's orange), but the wind kept blowing the stem off the top.

I went as a boring engineer (i.e. myself), but Brooke decided to go as a mermaid:

We gave out awesome treats if I do say so myself (butterfingers, airheads, baby ruths and crunch bars).

She did the awesome makeup job herself.

Later, on Halloween itself, I decided to put the beard I'd been lazily growing to good use.  We brought back my costume from a couple years ago... Abe Lincoln.  I went to work dressed as Abe, and I was probably the second best costume there (Sam dressed as Edward Scissor-hands probably beat me out for the #1 costume).

We were going to have some friends over on Halloween night to watch a movie, but none of them could make it, so instead Abe took his wife out to dinner and then we watched a movie together.

Basically, we had a pretty awesome Halloween.

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