Sunday, August 26, 2012

Michael got married

My brother Michael got married last weekend, but instead of taking his name his wife took mine ;). Her name is Brooke, so now she is Brooke Eddington, which is a trip when I see all these comments on Facebook that I did not make. It's fun, though. Anyway, the wedding was really gorgeous, and it was great to see my brother in the temple. I'm glad they made such a great decision and things went so well. Also there wasn't any work for the family to do, so we just got to hang out, which was AWESOME. Thanks to everyone who made that happen - that is the way to go for a wedding. It was fun to see Michael and Brooke together, but I'm looking forward to getting to know Brooke in more casual settings over the next several months. Somehow I never thought much about what it would be like to have a sister-in-law on my side of the family, because until last week only boys married into our family. Ha :) I think it will be fun.

By the way, I haven't been to many Salt Lake Temple wedding celebrations (no weddings, which isn't that hard because I think I've only been to three live sealings now, counting Michael's and not counting my own), so I wanted to say - it was predictably crowded while we were waiting (for everything - the sealing, them to come out of the temple, the picture-taking area), but unpredictably, it didn't feel pressure-y and crazy. I've always thought SLC temple weddings must be terribly rushed-feeling, on account of there being more than a hundred weddings there on some days, but it wasn't too bad.

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  1. I feel honored to have a post on your blog! I just noticed it. And Brooke and I both noticed, too, how nice it was at the temple. 106 weddings that day, and they still managed to make us feel like we were the only ones there. OK, maybe that's an exaggeration... but it didn't feel rushed or anything to us either.