Saturday, August 4, 2012


Tonight, Jon and I are going to watch "Coraline," which I think is the next big creepy fairy tale classic, perfect for my children to say they grew up with. I was thinking about books I loved growing up, and how I appreciate that I don't need a different version of operating system to read them. Mostly I just have to not lose them, in order for them to stay just like I left them to read again later. The movie "Coraline," on the other hand, while awesome, won't be a "just pop in the DVD" in twenty years. It may be easier to access, actually, but I just keep thinking of all the music I've bought online and then lost over the years, or computer games whose floppy disks or CD's won't load anymore because they don't work in new computers. It's cool that I can go back to read "Megan's Island" (my favorite book for lots of years, that my second grade teacher gave to me because I read it so many times in her class) and it still says "Mrs. Yeager" across the front.


  1. Did it happen like this?

    "If you like it all that much, it's yours." "But Mrs. Yeager!" "I insist!" "Well, thank you! Thank you very much!"