Saturday, December 12, 2015

He Speaks!

Over the past six months or so, Alex has been learning words.  It started out slowly (Mama, Dadda, Outside, Bird, Tree), but now it's progressing at a furious pace.

Here are the ones we could think of this morning.  I started to organize them, but then kinda gave up.  This may also be helpful as an interpretation guide for those who will be interacting with him over the holidays.

Boouhhh (bird)
Dteeee (Tree)

Em-ma (Lemon)
Or-rar (orange)
Baaaaaaa (ball)
Ahhh Baaaaa (other ball)
Tjyu-Tjyu (thank you)
Noooo (No)
Yeeeah (Yeah)
Ditsh-yu (tissue)
Ohw-Wahr (water)

Mama (also Ammma, Momma, Mommy)

Ap-puh (apple, or sometimes banana)
Bahh-beh (banana)

Aaat-siii (outside)

Uhhhhp-deeeuh (up there)
Uhhhhp-u-deeeuh (up there)
Uhhhhp-u-deeeuh (up the stairs)
Dowwww (down)

Beeehd (Bread)

Ztsahhx (socks)
Tschews (shoes)
Boooo (boots)
Djakeh (Jacket)

Booo-uh (book)
Booo (balloon)

Mooooh (moon)
JeJe (Jesus)

Hiiii (hi)
bye bye

Baby (baby)
beebee-beeee  (baby beluga, his favorite song)

bah-buh (vacuum)

Aiiiight (light)
Aiight-da (light there)

Buh-bough (bubble)

Tscheeese (cheese)

Taahw  (Car)
Taahw  (Star)
Biiiy (bike)

Beeeuh (Bear)

MooMoo (a cow sound)
Waaawr (sound a cat or lion makes)
Baaah (sound a sheep makes)
Oohh Oohh (sound an owl makes)
Ow-uh (Owl)
Duck (Duck)
Deeezhu (Dinosaur)
Oww-wa (Flower)

Mohhhh (more)

Aiiiis (eyes)
Nooh (nose)
Mouw (mouth)
Eee-uh (ears)

Tuuh-uh (color, as in coloring with crayons)

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  1. I love baby babble! So cute! I hope he is feeling talkative next time you come over!