Wednesday, May 29, 2013

why we love Oakland

OK, one reason, anyway. One night a couple of weeks ago, we wanted something to do, so we just googled for stuff to do in Oakland and came up with this festival. There's a big warehouse called American Steel Studios in west Oakland, just a few blocks from where we used to live, and it's been converted to art studios that individual artists rent out. They were having a small festival, where you could take tours inside and also check out their fire art. with gushing flames. nbd.

Jon wants to make his own fire art now, so watch out. (He was already itching for a warehouse, so this only made it worse.) Also, just outside the building, they have these gigantic, awe-inspiring metal statues of people, which you can drive by and see at any time. We've been by the outside of the warehouse a few times to check those out, but we had never been inside. Here are a few statue shots my friend Esther got awhile back. I particularly love the chains-for-hair thing.

And here is a tiny model of them, that we saw in the warehouse, and a cool photo of them done by "Eileen, Kneela, and Epiphany":

Other random things include a model Golden Gate Bridge stuffed in a corner behind some plywood and how we saw our friend Joe Aliling from church there! Oh, also the warehouse filled with studios (there are several aisles like that, and there's that much space again behind us.

Also, some fun pictures Jonny got:

We love Oakland, and in particular we miss living in west Oakland. Yay for fire art!


  1. This is one block from my office! Love it.

  2. That's kind of hilarious how random it is. Those statues are awesome. :)

  3. Wow... That's what it's like having no kids... I forgot...
    Ten points for spontaneity and extra credit for doing it as a date!!!