Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve, Jon and I ordered a Credit-Card-Rewards-Points-Gift-Card to a fancy steakhouse and went out to dinner for cheap-as-free! It was absolutely incredible. I had scallops and Jon had a Wagyu ribeye steak. Also we shared a lobster mac-and-cheese. There was nothing that was not amazing. You know how for a lot of meals you have one main thing and then a bunch of filler? There was no filler here. Everything was seasoned in interesting and tasty ways, which made me want to be more creative with seasonings myself. AWESOME. 

Also, apparently this restaurant, which averages 250 people per day/night, had FOUR HUNDRED people for Christmas Eve. This was evidenced by the fact that our reservation time was 10pm.


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  1. Yay fun! Credit card reward points are awesome. and you guys look so cute!